Trùm đầu chống khói thoát hiểm HKMASK

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Trùm đầu chống khói thoát hiểm HKMASK

Pocket Smoke Mask (PSM) is not a self contained breathing apparatus. It can filter toxic smoke but cannot supply extra oxygen. Escape from the fire and smoke immediately after putting the mask on.

Under no circumstances should the user attempt to use the PSM as a fire fighting equipment.

PSM and its components are high temperature resistance but not fireproof.

The efficiency of PSM against all types of contaminants cannot be pre-determined. It is therefore important to leave the danger area as quickly as possible.

PSM is built for emergency escape purposes, not for firefighting.

If PSM is exposed for more than 20 minutes, it is no longer efficient.

PSM is vacuum packed to protect and ensure optimum efficiency of the PSM filter. The efficacy of the PSM filter diminishes when exposed to the atmosphere.

The 7-layered filter system are filtering a limited Carbon Monoxide only.

In no circumstances shall HKMASK be liable for any consequences or damages arising from the use of the PSM.

Product information provided herein is based on tests performed in specific conditions which may differ from the user’s operating environment.

HKMASK is not liable for any damage, loss, injury or death resulting from the use of this product.

Activated Charcoal
The PSM filter is made of multi-element Activated Charcoal Cloth. Activated Charcoal is one of the best anti-smoke materials approved by the industrialized countries of the contemporary world. Activated Charcoal has a significant smoke absorbing and toxic particle removing capacity, thus is able to maintain breathable air supply to the user in smoky environment.

Multi layers of filter
The Oxidized Fiber Fabric layer provides the filter with high temperature isolation function which enables the filter package to remain effective in environment up to 450°C.

The filter package includes not just one, but two layers of Activated Carbon Fiber filter. Using high temperature sealing technique, the Activated Carbon Fiber filters are manufactured to form dense pore structures with a large surface areas and a much higher absorption efficiency that that of a regular activated carbon.

With the doubly secured design from its two BET: 1300 filters, even the most tiny smoke particle will be prevented from entering the interior of the mask.


Filtering Toxic smoke: Testing PSM in a staunch container
PSM can function without any problem under a moderate smoky Condition. PSM has shown the appreciable effects against:

Carbon Monoxide CO
Hydrogen Cyanide HCN
Hydrogen Chloride HCI
Hydrogen Sulphide H2S
Carbon Tetrachloride CCI4
Acrolein CH2=CHCHO or C3H8O
Formaldehyde HCHO or CH2O
Hydroxylammonium compound NH3OH
Ammonia NH3


Pocket size
PSM is a small and portable smoke mask which takes up much less space than other similar short-term respiratory filters. You can carry PSM with you to anywhere to protect yourself at all times.
One size fits all
The flexible elastic rubber strap is designed for all users. It can fit all adults (even when wearing glasses, with beard and long hair all together), children and infants.
Easy to use
As easy as ABC, simply don the PSM over your head. No training required.
Full range vision
PSM provides a 360° full angled vision. A wide and clear vision is often one of the most important safety factors when evacuating from hazardous environments.

Able to speak and listen
The active carbon filter system does not require a mouth piece to be attached to the user’s mouth. Hence, you can still give and receive clear and important instructions to/ from others when escaping from danger.

One piece
Our simple design prevents you from wasting important escape time to assemble the smoke mask. The one piece design also minimize chance of parts (such as rubber bands) lost or destroyed during emergencies.

Long lasting
20 minutes of respiratory protection is more than enough time to escape from danger in most urban surroundings. 20 minutes of respiratory protection can dramatically increase your chances of survival when your escape route is blocked by toxic gases.

Protect lungs and eyes
PSM is a heat resistant hood that covers the entire head. It can effectively protect the vital organs such as the eyes, nose, and mouth from lethal smoke, dust and fumes during your escape to safety.

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